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About us

FLINTAB is an SME company with fully private capital established at the beginning of 1992 and has as field of activity the design, execution, assembly, commissioning and service for electronic weighing systems.

Our entry on the Romanian market began in 1992 as a subsidiary of the well-known international group controlled by FLINTAB SWEDEN and benefited from the beginning from the know-how of this group. In Romania, at that time, there were no electronic scales, which allowed FLINTAB to quickly install itself in the management of the entire platoon of players in this field.

FLINTAB, as a pioneer in the field, has created an impressive portfolio of clients and is a reference name.

Currently FLINTAB is a company with 100% Romanian capital, in continuous expansion of production capacity and innovation in the development of products and weighing systems.

We warmly invite you to meet us and launch your challenges!

Our headquarters

Vision: "Dedicated to performance"

FLINTAB offers innovative products and services that create value.
30 years after its inception, FLINTAB can boast of continuous growth, high-impact products and a development capability that supports the strongest brand in the market for high-capacity electronic weighing systems. FLINTAB continues its journey, always reaching new goals, permanently focused on the spirit of the company's vision - that of being "Dedicated to performance".

It is normal for the development strategy of our company to lead to an increase in the number of orders, implicitly of the turnover. Our secret lies in true customer satisfaction. This leads to the famous "word-of-mouth" that is increasingly replacing, and with much safer and more credible results, the share of media advertising. Reputation is passed from client to client, and maintaining a FLINTAB reputation is essential.

Against the background of an accentuated internal and external dynamics of the weighing systems market, FLINTAB crystallized its image as a professional in the field, maintaining the first position in the top of the profile companies in Romania, a leading position recognized by clients, competitors and government bodies in the field of metrology. FLINTAB has managed to maintain its position since its inception, registering a continuous increase in market share. The engine of the company has always been the fact that we have been innovative. In an immature and entropic market, we knew how to use the technique of know-how, to design, to plan and to optimize the methods.

The fulfillment of the obligations assumed towards the clients at a higher quality level led to the consolidation of FLINTAB's position on the market. The increase in the quality and value of the services offered to the customers was reflected in the optimization of the solutions and the significant reduction of the delivery terms with continuous impact on the accentuated decrease of the number of complaints. In the context of efforts to expand and strengthen external and internal collaborative relationships, it is worth mentioning the launch of strategic partnerships with key suppliers of FLINTAB system components.

FLINTAB's sales system has been modernized, with a clear focus on the market, customer satisfaction in solving business-specific problems and providing complete and customized solutions for each customer. Marketing programs continually explore both the way we approach the customer and the means and experience with which to support excellent services. The average selling prices we charge are competitive, at a level that is compatible with the purchasing power of the market.

FLINTAB Keywords

  • Past and present: FLINTAB: always in „pole position”
  • Management strategy: Focus on quality
  • Products: Success with new products
  • Design: We build the most successful brand
  • Technology: Investing in the future
  • Production: Productivity and attention to detail
  • Purchases: Win-win relationships
  • Sales and Marketing: Word-of-mouth Reputation


People are the key to success at FLINTAB. We want to emphasize the importance of treating each other fairly and respectfully.


We are honest with ourselves and others (partners, collaborators, customers and suppliers). Our goal is truth in all relationships.


We treat others as we expect to be treated ourselves.


We respect each other and trust each other. Correct treatment, honesty and mutual support build trust.


We work together to achieve common goals for business success. Initiative, involvement, cooperation and open communication lead to superior results.


We have a safe and healthy workplace. Job stability is a high priority. Increasing employee training is essential.


Our desire for excellence makes us winners in everything we do.

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